General conditions

Tenancy General Conditions



Booking is considered as confirmed after payment of the security deposit by the tenant.


General Conditions

The tenancy is concluded according to the law as well as the usual terms and conditions  in such matters. The tenant commits to :

-      respect the lodging capacity of the premises

-      use the premises to the sole end of lodging without any  neighbourhood disturbances  ( noise, smell, smoke, etc...)

-      under no circumstances assign or sub-let the premises even for free

-      respect the use of the lodging and refrain from modification.

-      authorize the lessor to make all repairs deemed urent and  necessary during the duration of  tenancy without claim to compensation nor reduction in rent.

-      Leave the premises in good conditions. House cleaning at the end of the stay being different from cleaning during the stay.  Extra cleaning costs will be  charged in case this provision is not respected.  


Linen is not supplied

Please take good note of  the dimensions of the beds for fitted sheets.

Quilts for double beds (220x240) Pillow cases (60x60) and quilts for single beds (150x200)

Linen can be hired as an option at the following prices :

Sheets : 30€ per pax. Towels 5€ per piece.



Arrival : Tenancy starts on the first day at 4p.m.

Departure : Tenancy finishes on the last day at 10 a.m.

It can only be extended by prior witten consent of the lessor.


Financial terms and conditions


30 % of the rent is paid by the tenant on the day of booking as a deposit that will be deducted from the total amount to be settled.

The balance will be entirely paid to the lessor upon arrival, before the keys are handed over. If the balance payment is made by credit card (on line) or  bank transfer, it is due 2 weeks before arrival.

Visitors' tax (1,5€per person over 18 and per day) to be added

Options ( such as sheets or towels) have to be paid for upon arrival.

The following methods of payment are accepted : French checks, payments in cash, bank transfers,  ANCV * holiday vouchers (*National Holiday Vouchers Agency)


Security Deposit

A security deposit will be required upon arrival  against possible damages  to the premises or to the pieces of furniture as well as the objects on location as a prerequisite for handing over the keys.

This amount will be returned on departure provided that it can be proved that :

    -    No piece of furniture, object or linen is missing, damaged or soiled. Or, if it be the   case,  that the good has been repaired or replaced with the consent of the lessor.

-      The premises have not been damaged and have been cleaned ( No refuse in cupboards, fridges or bins. Sanitary facilities, household appliances and tableware are clean and tidied away, etc..).

Should the deposit prove insufficient, the tenant commits to top up the amount.



The tenant commits upon his honour to insuring the lodging against tenant's risks  ( fire and water damage, broken glass, ) and check whether his household policy covers holiday rentals. He shall report all damages to the lessor within 24hours. In case of damages, the lack of insurance will result in compensation claims.


Cancelation clauses

In case of failure to pay at the due date or to comply with one of the clauses of this contract, within 5 clear days after notification by registered letter, the lease will be immediately terminated and the lessor will be able to make use of article 1590 of the Civil Code and keep the deposit as first payment for damages.


Rescission/ Curtailment

It is agreed that the tenant will lose the deposit if he rescinds the contract more than a month before  the starting date of the rental. With less than a month notice, the tenant will in addition pay the difference between the deposit and the total rent, as a penalty clause.

In the event of early termination of the stay by the tenant, the rent amount will be forfeited. There shall be no refund.